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Dutch Hydro Pots

These originally appeared on a now-defunct hydroponics website, and show how the hydro gardener assembled Dutch pot -style hydro containers from 5-gallon buckets, PVC pipe, and 10" net pots. The grommet used is a 3/4", the drilled hole for it is 7/8" (rather than 13/16), allowing 3/4" PVC pipe to pass thru and seal snugly. The drilled hole should be positioned so that it will be about 1" below the bottom of the installed net pot. Chamfering the end of the PVC pipe and lubricating it with soapy water facilitated inserting the pipe through the grommet. The grommet shown is not the standard doughnut shape, but rather a T shape, with the insertion of the pipe expanding the inner side of the grommet to effect the seal. The inside end of the drain pipe should be cut at an angle to help prevent clogging. Note that the photos showing the buckets installed appear to have their drains cut and spliced to lengthen some of them, because the grade of the main drainpipe was not considered. The grow medium appears to be pea gravel, with nutrients fed via drip emitters from a main supply line. Note that it's a good idea, no matter where you place the emitter, that the connection to the supply line be over the bucket as well, in case of leaks.

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